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WRA's mission is to promote excellence and professionalism in the practice of Reflexology in the State of Washington.


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  • Archive for May, 2010

    finally a good use for high heels
    Sunday, May 16th, 2010
    photo credit: Giddy Spinster

    photo credit: Giddy Spinster

    Your heels are the perfect container to grow cactus in.

    Many practitioners of reflexology are on the war path against high heels. They cause wonkiness in posture which can lead to hip, knee and low back issues, shorten calf muscles and lead to irritation of breast lymph nodes which can lead to cancer.

    We understand that throwing out a closet full of shoes is not the solution.

    But converting your shoes into little cactus planters=brilliant!

    Read more on Tree Hugger complete with instructions!

    Buy high heel planters or other reclaimed house hold items from Giddy Spinster Etsy Store

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    it’s barefoot season
    Friday, May 14th, 2010

    The transition from spring to summer can be a hard one for your feet to cope with.

    With the return of the sun, shoes come off or get changed out for strappy numbers with little or no support.

    Here are a few exercises that can help strengthen your feet and get them ready for summer:

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    Barefoot Running links
    Thursday, May 13th, 2010

    Here are a few interesting links related to barefoot running:

    “Barefoot Running Gains Traction Among Hard-Core Runners”
    Seattle Times Article from April 23 2010:

    How to ease into barefoot running and avoid injuries:

    Hit the ground running and have fun doing it…!

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