Frequently Asked Questions about Reflexology

This is an excerpt from ‘Just the FAQ’s’ written by Amy Goetz, a nationally certified reflexologist practicing in West Seattle. The links in this article connect to resources and information on

What the heck is reflexology?

Well I have a whole page on that right here. In short, it is the theory that there are mini-maps of your entire body on your feet, hands and ears. By applying specific pressure, we can access the whole body, invoking healing and relaxation. Basically, reflexology helps to reboot your central nervous system and reduce stress so you can enjoy life again, and your body can function better.

Why would I want a reflexology session?

Because it rocks! Because it is the most relaxing thing ever! Because it puts you into that Zen-state where miracles enter, epiphanies happen, and deep cellular healing takes place. Because your feet deserve your appreciation and some respect and love. Here is a whole list of benefits!

What if my feet are ugly?

Oi! Feet aren’t ugly and they work so hard for us that they need the love and appreciation reflexology can give them. Don’t be embarrassed, I have seen some broken down feet and never found a pair that I think are ugly, or too messed up to work on.

Do I have to get naked to receive reflexology?

Nope, no clothing removal required. I am working on your feet, hands and/or ears so the only thing you need to take off are shoes and socks, hat and mittens. If we are doing a foot pain-focused session, I will also need you to push your pants up above the knee.

Is it ok to wear nail polish?

Yes, but don’t feel the need to decorate your feet or get a pedicure before visiting me… that is completely unnecessary. Although I do love color, bring your feet however they are.

Do you do a foot soak before the session?

Sometimes… If you want one, ask and I will be happy to oblige.

What if my feet smell?

If you have smelly or sweaty feet, we can soak them, wash them with hot towels, or use aromatherapy to heal/de-stress you and make them smell yummy. Don’t let stinky feet prevent you from getting a session!

What about toenail fungus?

Nail fungus is pretty common and does not affect your reflexology session.

What about Athlete’s foot?

Well if the athlete’s foot is all over your foot I won’t be working on you today. The only reason is we don’t want to aggravate or spread it.
Most people only get athlete’s foot between their toes. If that is your case, come in– I can easily avoid working between the toes.

Does reflexology hurt?

Everybody’s experience and every practitioner are different. Yes sometimes reflexology hurts. My form of reflexology is deeply nurturing. I am light to the touch and only go deep when your body allows me, making the session relaxing and healing. We never force your body to change, only open the space to allow it to change.

If you are coming in for a session to relieve foot pain,  you are already in pain so I can safely say we won’t make it any worse than it has been. There may be a bit of pain while I’m working, as we need to have strong conversations with your bones and muscles in order to coax them back to a relaxed state. Most clients feel great relief after their session.