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WRA's mission is to promote excellence and professionalism in the practice of Reflexology in the State of Washington.

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    Changing Chemistry: YOU + WRA = ___________?

    July 3rd, 2018

    By Lisa Hensell, Washington Reflexology Association Charter Member & Reflexology of America’s 2018 Excellence in Education Award Recipient

    Q:  How can you get more out of your WRA membership?

    A:  Get involved!

    Washington Reflexology Association has been working for our profession and its professionals since 1997, promoting excellence and professionalism to people in our state and within the larger reflexology community.

    In these past 21 years the organization has been a hive of activity!  Our passionate members have come together to manifest, produce and offer to WRA members the following very valuable resources:

    BUT… recently I have heard that some members don’t understand the value of the association. They don’t see the value of paying an annual fee and being a member of WRA. “What do I get out of it?”, they say.

    What do I say? My friend, reflexology colleague, and ARCB President, Michael Rainone, put it best when he said this:

    “You get out of it what you put into it.

    If you don’t feel that you’re getting what you want out of the association, join in. Add your thoughts and combine them with action to make a difference. Add your chemistry and life force to the mix and see how things change for the better, both for you and for WRA! It’s like the concept of microcosm/macrocosm: your microcosm reflects into the macrocosm of WRA. To improve the whole, add juice to the parts.

    Investing your energy and commitment into the evolution and growth of WRA will bring much more value to you than if you are simply sending in your annual fee (or not even doing that). You will have a voice. You will be part of the creation of the future of our profession. Your experience will have a fundamental effect on the vitality of the association and of your perception of it. You will find that you are getting a great deal more value out of WRA if you participate differently with it.

    After finishing reflexology school we tend to splinter off and go in our own directions. Revisit your community and find collaboration, education and friendship by coming to meetings and classes. Join the board. Write and send in some articles. Contribute to some of the items I listed at the beginning of this article. Nurture your fabulous profession and this association by focusing some energy on the bigger picture of it. If you don’t, you might just end up losing it.

    When you join, attend, and participate, it helps feed and nourish a beautiful and strong system. It all starts with you

    YOU + WRA = love, community, integrity, growth, creativity…

    Join in!


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    Reflexology & Sleep Issues

    July 3rd, 2018

    The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has declared March 12th as Insomnia Awareness Day. Each night millions of people in the U.S. struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. For some this is only a brief problem. But for others, insomnia can become a severe, ongoing struggle.

    Fortunately, Reflexology can  help!   Click here to read an article, written by Laura Norman, world-renowned Holistic Reflexologist and author of the best-selling book, Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology.   Let counting sheep become a thing of the past!




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    Hanne Marquardt, Ireland and Reflexotherapy

    July 3rd, 2018

    by Jacqueline Lyczewski, NBCR

    On March 31, 2017 a dozen reflexologists from Spain to Seattle gathered together in Kilkenny, Ireland to learn about reflexotherapy from one of reflexologies greats, Hanne Marquardt. When I discovered that Hanne will no longer travel to the U.S. but would be as close as Kilkenny, Ireland, well it was now or never to take the opportunity to study with this wonderful icon. So I headed to Kilkenny, to discover more about this fascinating lady and what she now calls Reflexotherapy.

    So what is Reflexotherapy of the feet and who is Hanne Marquardt? Born in 1933 and growing up in the Bavarian Mountains, Hanne, at the age of 17 studied for 3 ½ years to become a nurse. After which she learned therapeutic massage and became a naturopath. As a young nurse and physiotherapist, Hanne became most interested in the findings outlined by Eunice Ingham in her book ‘Stories the Feet Can Tell’. (Eunice Ingham is attributed with developing the term ‘Reflexology’ and with the mapping of the whole body onto reflex areas of the feet, reflecting a micro-system of the whole person on the feet). And in 1958 Hanne pursued reflexology.

    By chance (or was it) Thursday night sister reflexologist, Linda Frank, and myself ran in to Hanne at dinner and were invited to join her! During our conversation, she reflected on the fact that she actually set out to disprove Eunice’s findings on the results of treatment by reflexology. Hanne explains that in those early days the claims of reflexology were quite radical. And as Linda and I attempted to probe Hanne with our own investigative questions, I got a glimpse of how brave she must have been to challenge Eunice. But Hanne admitted humble defeat in her efforts and instead developed a growing respect for her teacher and the practice of reflexology. And she has earnestly and whole-heartedly, continued its development and practice, fine-tuning the position of reflex areas and treatment techniques according to her own findings and thereby opening the door to her use of the term ‘Reflexotherapy’.


    Students look on as Hanne demonstrates her techniques

    Two days we spent with Hanne, eagerly listening as she imparted much wisdom and knowledge interspersed with humor and anecdotes for living simply and fruitfully. Our class was outlined with the historical development of Reflexotherapy of the feet (RTF), similarity of shape and Fitzgerald’s 10 longitudinal body zones including Hanne Marquardt’s three horizontal zones. Included was terminology, the micro and macro system, grips for stabilization and harmonization of the ANS, treatment of scars, joints,  techniques and a wonderful ‘balm’ that Hanne herself has created for soothing the stressed beast within.

    We watched intently as she demonstrated techniques for treating sensitive reflex areas and harmonizing holds. We were put through our paces as she challenged us to locate the reflex areas corresponding to scars on the body of the person being treated. We practiced the treatment of such scars and all that she demonstrated to us under her watchful eye.

    Hanne prefers to use the word ‘zones’ or ‘reflex zones’ when describing locations on the feet. In Germany, she says, we do not treat reflexes; we treat zones or reflex zones when describing our practice to those in the medical field. Where in West Germany medical doctors ‘prescribe’ reflexology to their patients. Wow, could you imagine! J

    In Germany Hanne has gained even further recognition for her use of Reflexotherapy as she treats ‘patients’ instead of ‘clients’ and for ‘specific illnesses’ rather than ‘generally’. Hanne also urged us to use the term ‘someone’ as opposed to ‘somebody’. ‘Always remember’ she paused, ‘you are treating a person not a body or just their feet but a whole person.’ She also requested that we use the word complimentary when talking to others about reflexotherapy and not ‘alternative’, for we are so much more than an alternate modality, we work together!

    Thanks to pioneers such as Eunice Ingham and Hanne Marquardt, Reflexology has grown to be a highly respected and recognized therapy. Hanne has 24 schools in Europe! Along with 2 in Spain and 2 in Italy. She has hand-picked 5 students to study under her watchful eye and to assist in class to one day become instructors themselves. This giving us a hint that Hanne herself will be stepping out of the spot light soon and turning over her teachings to someone else.

    An incredible teacher and a wonderful story teller, studying with Hanne was a pleasurable, productive and valuable learning experience. She clearly enjoyed the weekend also and is keen to return to Ireland soon to refresh our memories and provide opportunity for advancement of our skills. As we parted company she urged us to be creative in our practice, talk to the inner doctor and to be mindful of the unique potential that exists in all of us. And remember to take care of ourselves!

    Part 2 of this class will be held in Belgium in November of this year. However, we heard a rumor that the second half might also take place in Kilkenny, Ireland in October 2017. But we have a sneaky hunch that it could be taught by Jennifer who assisted Hanne in the classroom during our class. We may have been very lucky to have seen the last of Hanne Marquardt and been a part of her slowly fading into the sunset.

    Students in Kilkenny, Ireland with Hanne Marquardt (positioned center with ‘feet’)

    Jacqueline Lyczewski, NBCR is a Washington Reflexology Association member.  She is a Washington State and National Board Certified Reflexologist with a private reflexology practice in Sunnyside, Washington.   RF60394362

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