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Reflexology for Pregnant Clients


Reflexology for pregnant clients:

Dispelling the fear around reflexology during pregnancy

with Georgie Coote 2 CEU’s ARCB approved

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We are told and believe many stories around birth, when you are pregnant everyone you meet has an opinion on what you should be doing, what is right and wrong, and what you should do to have the ideal pregnancy and birth. Many people are told that they should not have their feet worked on during pregnancy, for various inaccurate reasons.

As reflexologists we believe how powerful reflexology can be and while we are taught that reflexology can do no harm and merely bring the body back into equilibrium, we also know that as it is so powerful it can bring about astounding changes to the body. Is this why we are nervous to work on clients during their pregnancies?

It is my opinion that reflexology during every stage of pregnancy is beneficial and not harmful, providing the reflexologist has level of knowledge about pregnancy anatomy and physiology, and can work mindfully and with positive intention.

from Georgie Coote

what you get:

  • PDF by Georgie Coote full of useful information and wonderful illustrations to use right away in your practice
  • Audio of class (this was an experiment so may be less than pristine)
  • Videos of several important reflexology points demonstrated
  • 2 ARCB certified CEU’s to apply to your 12hour credit renewal


Cost would normal be $45 for 2 credits of education we are giving it to you for $25 (cost goes to full price March 2016)

Remember if you attend WRA meeting in person these classes are FREE so take time to attend


Thank you for supporting WRA education and making it possible for us to continue to offer classes and renew our ARCB certification credentials.