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WRA's mission is to promote excellence and professionalism in the practice of Reflexology in the State of Washington.

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Approved Reflexology Schools for WA State

Department of Health

Reflexology Classes offering ARCB approved CE units in June, 2017

The WRA is proud to include information on Reflexology Classes offered by either WA State Approved schools or instructors offering Continuing Education Credits which are approved by the ARCB.   Please contact us if you would like to have your classes listed on this page.

Bothell, WA    

Saturday, June 10th 10:00 – 3:00pm 
5 CE hours for ARCB, ABMP  

Approaching Musculoskeletal Reflexes Through Related Foot Structure and Function.  A 5-Hour Tutorial and Q&A with Tina Bystrom, NBCR, LMT:  This hands-on tutorial and Q&A is designed for certified reflexologists who wish to become more comfortable and proficient in working with musculoskeletal system reflexes via  the structure and function of the foot and ankle.  We will practice dynamic techniques to increase tissue elasticity and general mobility for the entire body through the reflexes in the feet, with a focus on maximum foot and ankle range of motion, pain relief, and a more natural foot function.  The specific issues addressed will depend on the interests and questions that each participant brings from their current reflexology practice.    Call 206-910-4888 or email for more info.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:   Tina Bystrom.  Tina is a valued member and the past-President of the Washington Reflexology Association, and is a member of the Reflexology Association of America, International Council of Reflexologists, and Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.   RF60394127 MA60696519


Seattle, WA    

Friday, June 23rd 6:00 – 9:00pm 
3 CE hours for ARCB, NCBTMB, ABMP  

Pain Control & Stress Reduction with Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology is a course designed by Bill Flocco for everyone from the layperson to the highly experienced reflexology practitioner.  Bill offers ear, hand and foot reflexology techniques to relieve common causes of tension and stress, and indicates which microcosm – feet, hands or ears – is most effective for each of the more than 20 ailments addressed, as well as internal and musculoskeletal parts of the body. This independent class serves as a foundation for the more in-depth class offered on June 24-26.      Call 206-284-8389 or email for more info.


Seattle, WA    

Saturday & Sunday, June 24-25 9:00a.m. – 5:00pm 
14 CE hours for ARCB, NCBTMB, ABMP  

Neuro-Endocrine Disorders and Ear Hand Foot Reflexology    Balance and imbalance – that’s what health and well-being come down to in the body. There are two systems of primary influence over balance and imbalance: the nervous and endocrine systems. In this mostly hands-on workshop we will learn where and how to reflex the feet, hands and ears for optimal results within these two systems. We will learn reflexes for not only the major glands of the endocrine system including pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, ovaries, and testes but also six other locations in the body where vital hormones are produced. We will learn nervous system reflexes for the brain, spinal cord, cauda equina, 12 cranial nerves, vagus nerve, spinal nerves, cervical, celiac, superior & inferior mesenteric ganglia, and sympathetic & para sympathetic nervous systems. We will explore the vital functions of each of these parts of the body, common types of stressors, and related malfunctions and pathologies that might show up in our clients. This class is great for both the beginning and veteran reflexologist, massage therapists, bodyworkers, and any natural health care practitioner. Visit americanacademyofreflexology for more details. Instructed by veteran teacher and leader in the field of reflexology, Bill Flocco.  Sat & Sun 9 am—5 pm (14 credits CE hours for ARCB, NCBTMB, ABMP and many states Massage/Reflexology license)
PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Reflexology or its equivalent from a hands-on school    Call 206-284-8389 or email for more info.


Prosser, WA    

SUNDAY, June 25th 1:00 – 3:00pm 
2 CE hours for ARCB  

Toe Reading:   The objective of this WRA-sponsored class is to identify the stories and emotions which have traveled down the nerve pathways and created physical manifestations in the toes.  The two-hour class developed and taught by Linda Mackey is sure to be beneficial to any reflexologist working with visual cues to their client’s health histories.   Two ARCB CE’s available.   RSVP to

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  Linda Mackey, B.S., M.A., N.D. is a WA State certified reflexologist as well as a master certified teacher. She is the principal educator of the International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy and has been an active WRA professional member since 2004. RF60397120


Seattle, WA    

Monday, June 26th  9:00a.m. – 5:00pm 
7 CE hours for ARCB, NCBTMB, ABMP  

Working with Seniors via Ear Hand Foot Reflexology    There are over 827,677 citizens in Washington who are 65 or older and would benefit by having you as their reflexologist. Demand for reflexology for seniors is growing dramatically across America. Every reflexologist, massage therapist and bodyworker is likely to have many senior clients with issues unique to this age group. Discover over a dozen of the most common elder age related health issues based on pathologies by anatomical system. During this primarily hands-on workshop, Bill Flocco will guide us through where and how to reflex not only the feet, but for better results, the hands and ears, for these issues. A unique aspect of this class is applying nurturing compassionate touch to the seven regions of the human body, feet, hands, and outer ears. Special attentiveness to contraindications, cautions and elder considerations will also be covered. Bill Flocco.  Mon 9 am–5 pm (7 credits CE hours for ARCB, NCBTMB, ABMP and many states Massage/Reflexology license)
PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Reflexology or its equivalent from a hands-on school Call 206-284-8389 or email for more info.


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